We would like the opportunity to work with you.
Here are some services that we can provide.

Start Up

Want to start your own bar or restaurant? We can help. 20 Years in the industry & the opening of our own bar, we can help you navigate the red tape of opening your own business in Hawaii—from business registration to obtaining appropriate licenses.


Working in the industry and partnering up with multiple companies we can assist you in coming up with the ideal concept for your new or existing business.


With a team of in-house designers and web-developers we can develop a unique and outstanding brand and marketing materials for your start up and help rebrand business already in operations.

Bar & Restaurant Design

With 20 years of experience in opening dozens of bars & restaurants and working with architects, engineers and construction companies —we can design the perfect space with harmony between form & function.

Inventory & Cost Analysis

The bread and butter of any hospitality establishment. We work with you to give you the best cost effective inventory for your concept. Able to teach you proper inventory and cost control so your business has the best foundation to succeed.

Cocktail & Menu Development

We bring award winning approach to cocktails and menus from classics to originals, beer, wine and bites. We can provide you with a menu that sets you apart from the competition.

Event Planning

Small or large, single or multiple outlet we have worked, planned and helped stage events across the country and can fulfill your event needs down to the jigger, beaker and glass.

Staff Education Training

We can assist you in hiring and training your staff. With over 500+ bartenders trained to the highest standards—bringing over 2 decades of work and experience to your team. If you are looking to freshen up and modernize your existing staff we offer workshops and classroom beverage education.